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bounce my little frijolez, bounce!

hey mighty beanz fans!

my name's chellie and as you can clearly see, i just joined the community.  i just started collecting the bouncy dudes about a month ago and i'm addicted!  i have a modest collection of about sixty right now.  to give you a little taste of how addicted i am, i was at walmart and i saw the beanz packs.  there was two packs from series three that were opened and missing one bean.  after searching the area frantically for the missing beans i decided that they were stolen.  since they were missing, i figured i've gotta get a discount for these so i went up to a manager and asked.  the bastard would only give me 50 cents off . . . i still bought them lol  now that i look back, it probably wasn't the smartest buy i ever made but dammit, i love those beanz!

my friends say i need help. lol

(æ) chellie

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